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Choosing a Colour scheme for Wedding Day

Whether you’re planning to host your wedding in the balmy months of summer or the crisp days of winter, there are a myriad of beautiful colour schemes that come to mind.

Perhaps you wish to pair your ivory dress against a whimsical setting of pinks and greys, or prefer a darker palette of reds and blues? Whatever your wedding aspirations, be sure to pick a colour scheme that reflects the essence of who you are as a couple. As tough as that sounds, once you have your colour palette out of the way, the rest of your planning becomes effortless. However, there are three important factors to consider when deciding on your ideal colour: the season, the venue, and your dress. Not only will these impact the overall appearance of the colour on your special day, but they will also assist you in working out an affordable budget, negotiating the best of what your venue has to offer, and also ensure that all of the decor compliments you, the blushing bride. Here are a few colour palettes that will assist you in choosing an appropriate colour scheme for your wedding day:

Autumn: Leaf Green & Berry Garnet

When we think of green and red, we think of Christmas and everything that goes with it. Do yourself a favour and rather think about a deep red wine colour paired with the ripe green of leaves and stems. Bold, dramatic and romantic, this colour combination is suited to brides who are looking for a touch of baroque. If you’re worried about candlewax and food stain removal on hired linen, focus on using the colours in your flower arrangements, bridesmaids’ dresses, and in your stationery.

Winter: Dark Scarlet & Deep Blue

Think of a Marsala paired with a slate black with notes of blue and grey – easy on the eyes and ideal for the bride who wants to make a statement. Pretty enough to be feminine and bold enough to reflect your fiance’s personality, this colour combination brings warmth and depth to a wedding that is held during the cooler winter months. If you’re purchasing any dark linen, be sure look up a few laundry tips on how to soften the fabric while still maintain its rich colour.

Spring: Blush Pink & Soft Grey

Perfect for a spring wedding, blush pink and soft grey shades are the epitome of romance. Use touches of greenery in your flower arrangements and in your bouquet, and make use of grey undertones for your stationary, napkins, bridesmaids’ dresses and in your cake. Blush pink roses or peonies are ideal for centre pieces, while a touch of pink tulle or silk is the perfect touch to your wedding dress.

Summer: China Blue & Crisp White

China Blue and Crisp White are two regal and classic colours. Set against the backdrop of a South African summer, green foliage and a golden sunset, this colour scheme is perfect for the bride who wants to pair sophistication with clean lines and bold, vintage flair. Imagine the view of Santorini – the clean white and piercing blue – and make use of this inspiration.

As you meet with designers and planners, be sure to get a feel for your colour scheme. Ask your planner if you can keep one or two fabric samples, and wash them in a liquid detergent that focuses on fibre care. Once dry, take a look at how the soft fabric suits your various centre pieces, flower selections and the existing decor of the venue. And, instead of being overwhelmed, embrace the giddy feeling!